What is Essential Oil?

What are essential oils?

Glad you asked.  Essential oils are the liquids that are produced when plants are under high pressure or steam.  The plants are often distilled.  The parts of the plants that make up the essential oil can really be any part of it including the stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, the fruit, bark and even flowers.  Essential oils have been used for wellness for centuries.  We have learned that even in the Egyptian tombs, researches have found preserved, bottles of ancient essential oils.  Essential oils have been used to treat illnesses, and promote good health for many years.  Not all essential oils are created equal, however.  The lowest grade of essential oils are those that are used for perfumes (which are actually generally synthetic).  Then, there is a food grade essential oil.  If you are purchasing essential oils, look and research to know if the essential oils are certified pure, therapeutic essential oils.  Without the testing for the certified pure, you could end up with weeds, and other byproducts in your oils, as they are not tested for impurities. 


Essential oils have a very quick absorption rate when applied to the skin.  Again, be sure that the oils you are applying or breathing are certified pure.  You don't want anything absorbing into your skin that isn't pure.  doTERRA's therapeutic grade essential oils are 100% pure, natural and aromatic carefully extracted from plants.  Purchase doTERRA.